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ECSO Cybersecurity Response Package

As part of our Cyber Solidarity Campaign, ECSO has compiled for you several rapid response initiatives, tools and services from the European Cybersecurity Community including ECSO members, partners and other stakeholders. Click on MORE INFO to access the full package

About ECSO

The European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) ASBL is a fully self-financed non-for-profit organisation under the Belgian law, established in June 2016.

ECSO represents the contractual counterpart to the European Commission for the implementation of the Cyber Security contractual Public-Private Partnership (cPPP). ECSO members include a wide variety of stakeholders such as large companies, SMEs and Start-ups, research centres, universities, end-users, operators, clusters and association as well as European Member State’s local, regional and national administrations, countries part of the European Economic Area (EEA) and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and H2020 associated countries...

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In Focus

Members' Corner


H2020 SHERPA project - Fostering an Ecosystem of Artificial Intelligence for Human Flourishing

In this report, H2020 SHERPA project addresses ethical and human rights issues raised by development and use of AI-powered systems, which includes challenges of reliability of such systems and their resilience to potential attacks. 

Request for inputs. The Task 3.5: Motivation, Focus, Progress document focuses on a specific class of attacks against AI-based systems. Stakeholders are kindly invited to share their knowledge on the current state of the affairs regarding model poisoning attacks, including concerns, awareness, mitigation approaches (see Task 3.5 document below). The general feedback on the documents is also welcomed (see contact details of the project coordinators in the documents). More information about the project: http://www.project-sherpa.eu/. 

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Read the Task 3.5: Motivation, Focus, Progress

REPORT - April 2020

IntelProbe - Honey Pot Network Report

In this report, IntelProbe observes that the sources of attacks targeting especially the public sector match the ToR Exit Nodes. Many attacks were found to originate from the Far East. IntelProbe analysis shows that simple password policies and network devices with default configuration are targeted. All relevant data and information can be found in the findings section of the this report.

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