The ECSO SME Hub serves as a market support and networking tool for the European cybersecurity SMEs. It has been designed by the European Cyber Security organisation (ECSO) with the aim to create more market transparency and to help European SME cybersecurity companies to expand beyond their traditional home markets, which are often limited to the national or regional level. The ECSO SME Hub comprises of three activities:

  • the CYBERSECURITY MADE IN EUROPE Label, which serves as an industry-driven marketing tool to promote qualified European-based cybersecurity companies and increase their commercial exposure on the European and the global market.

  • the ECSO Cybersecurity Marketplace (coming in autumn 2022), a publicly accessible platform where European cybersecurity companies can present their cybersecurity products and services to potential customers. The aim of the Marketplace is to become the leading platform for SMEs promoting European cybersecurity solutions and forming an ecosystem where demand meets supply, funding, resources and know-how.

  • the European Cyber Quadrants (under development), which will serve as a market differentiator among cybersecurity companies based on their broadness of service, quality and capacity to deliver. Each cybersecurity market sector will have a specific “European Cyber Quadrant”, for which cybersecurity companies will be ranked according to clearly defined criteria assessing their quality and capabilities.

Our achievements


The Radar allows European cybersecurity SMEs to display their products and services in a competitive non-biased way, segmented by solution category. Designed to increase market transparency and provide visibility to the European cybersecurity industry, the Radar proved to be popular among European SMEs. Its success has led ECSO to enlarge the scope of the project with the development of a European Cybersecurity Market Registry the natural next step in ECSO’s quest to increase the visibility of European cybersecurity SMEs.

The ECSO Cybersecurity Market Radar serves as a comprehensive visualisation tool, marking a significant step forward in ensuring the transparency of the European cybersecurity market and boosting the visibility of its deployment-ready cybersecurity solutions and capabilities. With more than 100 European cybersecurity companies, the 3rd ECSO Cybersecurity Market Radar release presents rich European cybersecurity industry landscape.

The Radar is based on a market-oriented taxonomy of cybersecurity capabilities, developed by the ECSO working groups, dealing with market analysis, investments, cybersecurity companies and regions. The ECSO Cybersecurity Market Radar taxonomy in high-resolution can be found [here].

5 designated capabilities – identify, protect, detect, respond, recover – present concrete competences and means to mitigate, resolve, monitor and analyse cyber-related threats. We invite you to have a look at a wide spectrum of cybersecurity products and services provided by European-based companies:

  IDENTIFY   – for the better organisational understanding of the IT infrastructure and cybersecurity readiness to manage cyber risks to individuals, systems, assets, data and capabilities [discover it here].

  PROTECT   – for appropriate safeguards to reduce the attack surface and to ensure the availability, integrity, confidentiality, auditability and performance of the critical IT services. Wide range of 'protect' capabilities are provided by large European cybersecurity companies [discover it here], as well as by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) [discover it here].

  DETECT   – for appropriate tools to identify the nature and the scope of cyber-attacks carried out on the entity [discover it here].

  RESPOND   – for appropriate measures to effectively mitigate the detected cybersecurity incidents [discover it here].

  RECOVER   – appropriate action plans to bounce back from cyber-attack and to restore any capabilities or services affected [discover it here].