United under the same Label: Four cybersecurity players share their experience with a new marketing tool

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Four cybersecurity players share their experience with a new marketing tool

Last week, two companies who obtained the CYBERSECURITY MADE IN EUROPE Label, two issuers of the Label and a leading European cloud service provider came together to share their experience with this new marketing tool and discuss its benefits within the European and the global market. 

What do QuoIntelligence, eurobits e.V, the Welsh Government, OVH Rennes and DIATEAM have in common? The CYBERSECURITY MADE IN EUROPE Label of course! Although these stakeholders come from different ecosystems, they all benefit in many ways from the same marketing tool launched by ECSO.

In a panel discussion which took place during the European Cyber Week 2021, panellists shared with the conference attendees the benefits of the Label, starting with its market differentiator quality. When comparing different providers of cybersecurity solutions, the characteristics of the offer might be very similar, therefore making the decision come down to the country or continent of origin of such products and services. By purchasing from a labelled company, buyers can rest assure that their product or service has been made in Europe, sustaining therefore Europe’s cybersecurity market.


Not only a matter of choice, but also of policy and regulations. As highlighted by OVH Rennes, many companies need to clearly trace the origin of their supply chain. This aspect is particularly important not only when considering the NIS2 Directive, but also when answering the call for some national tenders, which exclusively require European solutions to enter. In this framework, The CYBERSECURITY MADE IN EUROPE Label was acknowledge as a very useful tool to raises awareness of the strategic value of the European cybersecurity companies developing their business based on trusted European values and security norms.


QuoIntelligence and DIATEAM brought a startup and SME perspective. For them, the Label represents an affordable and fast solution to be visible in the market, especially when alternative ISO criteria might take more time and resources for such businesses to obtain.


Last but not least, the Label was brought as perfect example of European cooperation among different companies and cybersecurity ecosystems. Labelled companies can easily engage in common projects in a like-minded way, joining forces with similar companies and gaining therefore more credibility, especially with end users.


To find out more about the CYBERSECURITY MADE IN EUROPE Label, please click here.