WG2: Market deployment, investments and international collaboration

Misson & Objectives

    1. Develop and maintain a view on the Cybersecurity Industry in Europe: support stakeholders to improve their market knowledge (products, suppliers, but also cyber security insurance solutions)

    2. Design and facilitate innovative private and public investment capabilities: facilitate to understand the dynamics of the market and create a community of investors, brokers and supporting industries.

    3. Support international trade: establish dialogue with main trade partners (US, China, Brazil and Japan) and initialising dialogue with developing countries


    1. Common taxonomy based upon NIST taxonomy (already tested and validated in ECSO activities)

    IMPACT: One common language for concrete actions and visibility

    2. ECSO Cyber Security Market Radar (ongoing pilot: mapping more than 700 EU companies at national and regional level  - Based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and orientated-taxonomy for European-based cybersecurity products, suppliers, service providers and consultancy offerings
    IMPACT: Increased visibility of SMEs and large companies; tool for qualitative market analysis

    3. Market watching and analysis
    IMPACT: Market analysis to define focussed initiatives and promote EU solutions

    4. Cooperation with EU investors towards an EU Cybersecurity Investment Fund (Initial target: 70 - 120M€ to support 10 scaleups/year)
    IMPACT: Increase and focus investments on EU companies / solutions

    5. International cooperation. Dialogue with Japan (EU certification, ECSO WG1 activities; ECSO public – private approach) and other Third Countries on a case by case basis.
    IMPACT: Identification of synergies and cooperation with Third Countries; promotion of EU technology and competence at international level.


    • SWG 2.3 International cooperation
    • SWG 2.2 Investments and innovative business models
    • SWG 2.1 Market knowledge



    • 10/2018, EUROPEAN CYBER SECURITY ORGANISATION - ECS cPPP Progress Monitoring Report 2016-2017 (download file)
    • 2/2019, ECSO - Working Group 2: Mission, Objectives, Activities, Achievements (download file)
    • 10/2019, ECSO - ECS cPPP Progress Monitoring Report 2018 (download file)


    ECSO Secretariat: wg2_secretariat@ecs-org.eu