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Working Group 2 aims to reduce the fragmentation of the European cybersecurity market and increase the visibility of the European cybersecurity solutions at home and on the global market. It gathers intelligence on the European cybersecurity market, provide access-to-finance and access-to-market opportunities to the European cybersecurity companies, as well as works to boost the level of private investment in European cybersecurity industry.

Mission & Objectives

  • Analyse and provide insights on the European cybersecurity market and support ECSO members to improve their market knowledge and current trends.
  • Promote Europe-based cybersecurity products, suppliers, services and consultancy providers.
  • Create a forum for a large community of decision-makers, investors and supporting industries to discuss the EU cybersecurity market investment strategies and to investigate new business opportunities outside Europe.

Ongoing work

  • Gathering insights on the European cybersecurity industry, market opportunities and challenges.
  • Facilitating the discussion and exchange of good practices among the stakeholders through tailored workshops.
  • Organising cybersecurity business matchmaking events across Europe for the European cyber security start-ups, SMEs, international investors and integrators.
  • Building a pan-European initiative to foster the consolidation of the European cybersecurity market and facilitate the growth of the European cybersecurity industry. 

Initiatives launched by ECSO



The ECSO SME Hub serves as a market support and networking tool for the European cybersecurity SMEs. It has been designe...

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Cyber Investor Days

Cyber Investor Days

The ECSO cybersecurity business matchmaking event series, known as Cyber Investor Days, has been designed to provide acc...

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European Cybersecurity Investment Platform (ECIP)

European Cybersecurity Investment Platform (ECIP)

Since September 2020, ECSO is working in conjunction with major private investors and the European Commission to cr...

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Our achievements

Boosting marketing capabilities of European cybersecurity companies by improving the visibility of their solutions and services

  • Market Taxonomy: recognising a need to structure and harmonise the different languages that European stakeholders speak to discuss market analysis, ECSO prepared and issued the first version of the ECSO Taxonomy for the cybersecurity market in November 2017. By proposing a common language, the taxonomy was intended to become the basis for designing market analysis products (the ECSO Market Radar and Cyber Regions Mapping exercise).
  • Market Radar: by providing up-to-date representation of the European cybersecurity market, including cybersecurity product vendors, service providers and consultancy offerings, the Radar proved to be popular among European SMEs. Today +200 companies are featured on the Radar.  Its success has led ECSO to enlarge the scope of the project with the development of a European Cybersecurity Market Registry building a dynamic SME Marketplace

Facilitating access to finance and access to market

  • European Cybersecurity Investment Platform (ECIP): Addresses the cybersecurity funding deficit in Europe and increases access-to-finance opportunities to European cybersecurity start-ups and SMEs.
  • Cyber Investor Days : Provides access-to-finance and access-to-market opportunities for the European cybersecurity start-ups and SMEs through the series of matchmaking events across Europe.

ECSO Secretariat:

The Working Group chairs are:

  • Javier Diéguez (basque Cybersecurity Center)
  • Peter Rost (Secunet security networks AG)
  • Ulrich Sedeslachts (LSEc) 

The working group is segmented into sub-working groups as followed:

SWG 2.1 Market knowledge - Chairs: Secunet Security Network AG, CyberWales and Systematic Paris

SWG 2.2 Investments and innovative business models - Chairs: ACE Capital Partners, eCapital, TIIN Capital and Sonae IM/S21Sec

SWG 2.3 International cooperation, global competitiveness and support to export - Chairs: Basque Cybersecurity Centre, Detack and Consorzio Universitario Nazionale per l'Informatica