WG3: Sectoral Demand (Industry 4.0, Energy, Financial, Public Services / e-Government, Health, Transportation, Smart Cities, Telecom - Media & Content)

Misson & Objectives

ECSO wants to engage directly with users (operators, companies, governments) to establish a true cybersecurity ecosystem, linking supply and demand and act as a transversal Working Group that defines needs of the sectors for standardisation / certification, education, training and exercises, research / technologies and local / regional impact.

1. Contribute to a set of industrial policy activities such as defining the needs of sectors for standardisation/certification, education, training and exercises, and local / regional impact.

2. Support and accelerate the widest and best market uptake of innovative cybersecurity technologies and services in the different sectors.

3. Support the use of innovative trusted cybersecurity solutions and services for major societal and economic challenges in Europe particularly in areas where Europe has a competitive advantage.

4. Improve risk management with better metrics

5. Improve user's digital trust and facilitate information exchange

6. Develop the EU ICT security market and employment


1. Mapping of effective sectoral and cross-sectoral market / users / industry needs (ECSO Sector reports: Industry 4.0 and ICS, Finance, Healthcare, Smart Cities, Energy, Transport) priority areas and taxonomy of challenges

IMPACT: Priorities and sector-specific requirements for other WGs, impact analysis of legislations & regulations for different verticals

2. Cooperation with EU associations of users and operators

3. List of hacks & attacks per sector (in progress)

4. Exchange of cyber threat information: ECSO Users Committee (also: ISAC position paper)

IMPACT: Develop across Europe (with CISO, CIO, CSO) trustworthy threat intelligence exchange and risk management and identify strategic needs

5. Common Application Platform for verticals (envisaged).

IMPACT: Incident reporting, information sharing and crisis management platform for vertical


 The Working Group Chair are Charlotte Graire from AIRBUS and Gabriele Rizzo from LEONARDO

The working group is segmented into the following sub-working groups:

  • SWG3.1: Industry 4.0 and ICS - Chairs: AIRBUS and LSEC
  • SWG3.2: Energy (oil, gas, electricity), and smart grids - Chair: EDF
  • SWG3.3: Transportation (road, rail, air; sea, space) - Chairs: AIRBUS and LSEC
  • SWG3.4: Financial Services, e-payments and insurance - Chairs: BBVA and RABOBANK
  • SWG3.5: Public services, e-government, digital citizenship - Chair: ENGINEERING
  • SWG3.6: Healthcare - Chair: GMV
  • SWG3.7: Smart cities and smart buildings (convergence of digital services for citizens) and other utilities - Chair: ENGINEERING
  • SWG3.8: Telecom, media and content - Chair: LSEC and TSSG


ECSO joins HIMSS Partner Innovation Exchange (PIE) initiative

The HIMSS Partners Innovation Exchange is an initiative to convene key digital health influencers to improve healthcare through information and technology. Healthcare information technology is playing an ever-expanding role in the transformation of healthcare delivery. Consequently, the digitisation of healthcare has important security implications, and requires inovative cyber security solutions. More information about the initiative can be found HERE



  • 3/2018, WG3 - Sector Report: Financial Services, ePayments and Insurance (download file)
  • 3/2018, WG3 - Sector report: Health care (download file)
  • 3/2018, WG3 - Sector report: Industry 4.0 and ICS (download file)
  • 3/2018, WG3 - Sector report: Smart Cities and Smart Buildings (download file)
  • 11/2018, WG3 - Sector Report: Energy Networks and Smart Grids (download file)
  • 12/2018, WG3 - Position paper: European Sector-Specific ISACs (download file)
  • 2/2019, ECSO - Working Group 3: Mission, Objectives, Activities, Achievements (download file)
  • 3/2020, WG3 - Sector Report: Cybersecurity for road, rail, air, and sea (download file)


ECSO Secretariat: wg3_secretariat@ecs-org.eu