WG5: Education, awareness, training, cyber ranges

Misson & Objectives

The working group focuses on the following issues:

  1. Increase education and skills on cybersecurity products and safe use of IT tools in Member States for citizens' individual and professionals.
  2. Cybersecurity training and exercise ecosystem leveraging upon cyber range environments
  3. Awareness-raising and basic hygiene skills


The working group chairs are Kusti Salm from the ESTONIAN MINISTRY OF DEFENCE, Mauro Brignoli from VITROCISET and Paresh Rathod from LAUREA

The working group is segmented into the following sub-working groups:

  • SWG5.1 Cyber range environments and technical exercises - Chairs: Estonian Ministry of Defence, CYBER SERVICES and GUARDTIME
  • SWG5.2: Education and professional training - Chairs: TTU-EST and VISIONWARE
  • SWG5.3: Awareness - Chairs: APWG, NOKIA and VITROCISET



  • 3/2018, WG5 - Position Paper: Education and Professional Training (download file)


ECSO Secretariat: wg5_secretariat@ecs-org.eu