WG6: SRIA and Cyber Security Technologies WG6: SRIA and Cyber Security Technologies

ECSO defines the R&I roadmap in cyber security to strengthen the EU eco-system by understanding and coordinating the challenges towards digitalisation of the industrial sectors and develop a coherent strategy with other cPPP and EU initiatives.

  • 12/2020, WG6 MEMBERS - Input to the Horizon Europe Programme 2021-2027: Priorities for the definition of a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda in Cybersecurity (download file)
  • 12/2020, WG6 MEMBERS - Input to the Digital Europe Programme 2021-2027: Priorities for supporting the implementation of policy, technology, competitiveness, and competence-building (download file)
  • 6/2017, WG6 MEMBERS - Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (download file)

The working group focuses on the following objectives:

  1. Support cPPP implementation, supervising results and expectations from European Commission and H2020 cybersecurity projects 
  2. Coordination of cybersecurity activities across cPPPs, CCN Pilots and other EU Initiatives
  3. Suggestions for the H2020 Work Programme and the future Horizon Europe and Digital Europe Programme
  4. Synergies Cybersecurity for dual use technologies


1. Synergies Cybersecurity for dual use technologies
Understand interests to link with future EC activities and organisations. Maximise impact of R&I investments in cyber security technologies to manage hybrid threats.

2. Technical papers on Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain (by end 2019)

IMPACT: Better cooperation with other cPPPs

3. Coordination with other PPPs, JUs, Pilots on Competence Centres, EC projects and other initiatives
Monitor the evolution of the cybersecurity ecosystem, understand the gaps, and better cover needs; “Cybersecurity as a glue”:  federate the discussions on cybersecurity challenges

4. Scenarios and priorities for Horizon Europe (ECSO 2020-2027 “vision of the future”): Society and Citizen (social good); Data and Economy; Basic and Disruptive Technologies; Digital Transformation in Verticals.

IMPACT: Advocate for future priorities for HEU and DEP

5. Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for 2017-2020 R&I priorities.
Comply with cPPP commitments. Good fit between SRIA and WP2018-2020 and well aligned in terms of research priorities

The working group chairs are Fabio Martinelli (CNR - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche), Fabio Cocurullo (LEONARDO COMPANY),  Volkmar Lotz (SAP)

The working group is segmented into the following sub-working groups:

  • SWG6.1: Ecosystem — Chairs: F-SECURE Corporation, TECNALIA - Fundación Tecnalia Research & Innovation, CERTH/ITI - Centre for Research and Technology Hellas/Information Technologies Institute
  • SWG6.2: Digital Transformation in Verticals — Chairs: AIRBUS Defence & Space, ATOS, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica 
  • SWG6.3: Data & Economy — Chairs: FORTH - Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas, IMT - Institut Mines-Télécom, Yes We Hack
  • SWG6.4: Basic & Disruptive Technologies — Chairs: CEA - Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, UMA - University of Malaga
  • SWG6.5: Cybersecurity for Dual Use Technologies — Chairs: CyberServices, AIRBUS Defence & Space, GT Cybertech
ECSO Secretariat: